Taming the frizzy mane

Things You Might Ask Your Stylist at Your Next Salon Appointment

When you visit your hair stylist, it's good to do more than just sit in the chair and let him or her work. Your stylist should be considered your partner when it comes to the health of your hair, and for ensuring it's always thick, shiny and healthy. Note a few things to ask your stylist at your next visit so you can ensure you're making the most of their expertise and experience and so that your hair always looks its best.

Ask your stylist if he or she notices any cowlicks

If your hair isn't very manageable and you always struggle to get it to hold the style you want, it may be that you have cowlicks in your hair, which is when hair grows in the opposite direction of the hair around it. If there is a cowlick in the back of your head, you may not even realize it, and so you may not be giving that section of your hair the extra attention it needs to go in the direction you want. In turn, your entire style may seem uneven or sloppy. A hairdresser can point out a cowlick you might be missing and also advise on what products and techniques to use to get that section of hair to behave!

Ask if they've noticed changes in your scalp or hair

One advantage of using the same stylist over the years is that he or she can actually monitor the condition of your scalp and your hair. They can then alert you to thinning hair, a drying scalp, oil buildup and other conditions. They can also recommend the best products for keeping your hair healthy as you get older or as your style changes. However, don't wait for your stylist to mention changes to you, as some customers might not want to be told that their hair is thinning or that they have dandruff, so take the initiative to ask instead.

Ask for a massage

A scalp massage is a good way to increase blood circulation around the head and to keep the skin of the scalp healthy, leading to healthy hair. A hairdresser may not mind including a good scalp massage as part of their services, but you should always ask when making your appointment and not when you arrive. Your stylist may need to spend an extra fifteen minutes or so for that massage, and they need to ensure other clients aren't left waiting!